Best Time To Visit Merzouga Desert

Best Time to Visit

In the summer (June – September), Merzouga can be brutally hot, averaging around 45ºC, during the middle of the day. March and April are often plagued by the sandstorms of the seasonal wind. Therefore, the best time to travel is from October to February, when daytime temperatures are pleasant, quiet and perfect.
The best time to visit Erg Chebbi dunes is during sunset or sunrise. The brilliant dunes and the dancing shades of the sun along the sand are genuinely magical. Riding along the camel’s back, It is absolutely a dreamlike experience that is prevalent among travelers and explorers to Merzouga.
An exciting camel tour can be organized where explorers ride in the day before spending their night in one of these settlements while listening to their favorite music, a crackling fire, and the hints of the desert while appreciating traditional good food.